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Delivering the Mueller Report, in an audiobook-style format, without political commentary.

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Jan 16, 2023

The January 6th Report: A reading of Chapter 1.8 - President Trump Repeatedly Promoted Conspiracy Theories

This section of the report gets into some of the conspiracy theories generated following the election. The Department of Justice, state authorities, judges, experts, journalists, other Federal officials, and even members of his own legal team were forced to run down and try to debunk or explain a number of them. The President’s own campaign team ultimately believed that there was no significant fraud in the election.

  • Dominion Voting Systems (7:40)
  • The State Farm Arena Video (29:05)
  • The Fake Ballot Myth (35:59)
  • The “Multiple Counting of Ballots” Fiction (41:24)
  • The Imaginary “Dead” and “Ineligible” Voters (42:35)

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