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Delivering the Mueller Report, in an audiobook-style format, without political commentary.

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Jan 25, 2023

The January 6th Report: A reading of Chapter 2.3 (Intro) - Outreach and Implementation of the Plan

Just one day after the State-focused plan came up in the Oval Office, President Trump started taking concrete steps aimed at State legislators. In the weeks that followed, the President led an outreach aimed at officials in States he lost but that had GOP-led legislatures, including in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Arizona. The six sections provide further details regarding the efforts.

  • President Trump’s Early Pressure on Public Servants (3:04)
  • Efforts to Prevent State and Local Officials From Certifying the Election (9:21)
  • Efforts to Replace Electoral College Electors and Overturn the Election (14:32)
  • Meetings With State Legislators—the “Hearings” (15:08)
  • The Trump Campaign’s Barrage of Phone Calls to State Legislators (27:12)
  • Outreach by President Trump and Senior Aides (29:33); Michigan (29:53); Pennsylvania (33:24); Arizona (42:03); Georgia (47:59)

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