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Delivering the Mueller Report, in an audiobook-style format, without political commentary.

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May 4, 2019

Part 4 of 12 from Section II. Factual Results of the Obstruction Investigation. This subsection of Volume 2, pages 62-77, provides the details surrounding the President's decision to fire the FBI Director and the circumstances surrounding his request for Comey's "loyalty."

Events Leading Up To and Surrounding the Termination of FBI Director Comey (0:09)

  1. Comey Testifies Before the Senate Judiciary Committee and Declines to Answer Questions About Whether the President is Under Investigation (1:39)
  2. The President Makes the Decision to Terminate Comey (4:55)

Analysis (20:35)

  1. Obstructive act (20:43)
  2. Nexus to a proceeding (22:54)
  3. Intent (24:38)

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