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Delivering the Mueller Report, in an audiobook-style format, without political commentary.

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May 4, 2019

This episode covers the "Executive Summary to Volume 2," pages 3 to 8, from Volume 2 of the "Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election." The executive summary provides an overview of the investigation's focus on a series of actions by the President related to the Russian-interference investigations, and an overview of the constitutional issues raised by the Special Counsel.

Executive Summary to Volume II (0:11)

  1. Factual results of the obstruction investigation (0:26)
  2. The Campaign's response to reports about Russian support for Trump (0:33)
    1. Conduct involving FBI Director Comey and Michael Flynn (1:27)
    2. The President's reaction to the continuing Russia investigation (2:57)
    3. The President's termination of Comey (4:22)
    4. The appointment of a Special Counsel and efforts to remove him (5:40)
    5. Efforts to curtail the Special Counsel's investigation (7:06)
    6. Efforts to prevent public disclosure of evidence (8:29)
    7. Further efforts to have the Attorney General take control of the investigation (9:30)
    8. Efforts to have McGahn deny that the President had ordered him to have the Special Counsel removed (10:27)
    9. Conduct towards Flynn, Manafort, [Redacted - Harm to Ongoing Matter] (11:22)
    10. Conduct involving Michael Cohen (12:22)
    11. Overarching factual issues (13:51)
  3. Statutory and Constitutional defenses (16:24)
    1. Statutory defenses (16:42)
    2. Constitutional defenses (17:33)
  4. Conclusion (20:09)

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